My heart

January 13, 2009
All I can think about is how he’s coming home. A thousands thoughts cross my mind and my heart begins to beat.
I enter the football game, almost instantly I hear someone shout my name. As I look back hoping to see those big blue eyes looking back at me, I come to see an unfamiliar face starring at this beautiful blonde behind me. I continued to walk through the roaring crowds of people with hope of seeing him. After walking, for what felt like miles, my hope begins to fade, tears begin to fall, and my heart begins to break.
My parents picked my name because, at the time, it was rare to hear and they loved saying it. Now when my parents say it, they have that tone that says, “Go clean your room,” or “Did you finish your homework?” When my friends say it, they just want to talk about silly boy liking girl drama…But when he says it, it’s with that smile, which says those three words that makes my heart beat uncontrollably, I love you.
As I walk out to my car in the crowded parking lot, I feel a hand touch my shoulder, I turn with a smile… and my heart begins to beat. Once more.

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