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January 13, 2009
By Ryun Sayaovang, Merton, WI

Ryun S. currently lives in Wisconsin. He lives with his parents, and his brother and sister too. He enjoys playing volleyball, listening to music, working on his car, driving, and writing rhymes at night before he goes to sleep. He doesn’t like writing but he does it when he isn’t doing anything. He usually relaxes before he writes. What he does to put off writing is about anything he will do anything besides writing. What inspires him to write, nothing really inspires him to write but he does have a lot of motivations. Ryun’s only advice to others is that if you do something that you really love you keep on working hard for it and practice whatever it is that you enjoy doing. He has always wanted to write about a Korean drama story because his family watches Korean drama movies a lot and it makes him want to write one of his own. He says that if were to write something that would probably the only thing that would inspire him to write.

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