one true love

January 13, 2009
By Ryun Sayaovang, Merton, WI

She is the only one who loved me. I’m the only one who loved her the way I do. Two lonely hearts looking for love. Two who belong here together. Two hearts here for each other. One is awake the other is asleep.

Their love is unconditional. They send love notes from their hearts. They have their ups and downs. Their hearts are in the same place where their love pulls them together. The world is a harsh place but they continue to strive.

He is the one who will continue to show her his love, with both of them holding each other. When she is hurting and too sad, he is there for her so she won’t give up. When he says he has nothing left to live for, he looks at her for the first time as if she were an angel. For these to wanting to reach out their hands to each other and do reach out their hands to each other. This is their one true love.

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