Liz Jorgensen

January 12, 2009
By Katie Jacunski, Hartland, WI

Liz Jorgensen an English teacher at my High School, she is 26 years old, has a boyfriend Barry and hates dogs.

Liz is like any other teacher, but she has a prestigious reputation to try her best. She probably has a placard saying she was the smartest student in her high school. She went to Marquette and is a huge fan of there basketball team (Barry bought her season tickets). But she is different in away, she will talk to her class about her personal life, if you ask another teacher this, I bet they won’t talk about it in there class.

“Post college dating sucks,” when asked about her dates in the past, she said “online dating is weird.” “Single men at work Balistreri, Desotell, I don’t think so.” So online dating is out and so is work dating, all that’s left is being set up by friends.

One of Liz’s friends set her up with Ty, however; this was a casual thing. One day Ty and Liz thought it would be interesting to have a double date. Liz asked her friend Claire if they would double and they did. Claire brought Barry, and they met at Liz’s apartment and Liz’s being the crazy one she is started to dance to Shakira.
“Come on Ty dance with me,” but Ty would not do it.
“I’ll dance with you,” Barry said.
After they left Liz’s they all went to a bar and played darts. “Ty do you want to be my partner?” But Ty incoherently refused.
“I’ll be you partner,” Barry said
And they have been partners ever since.
This was a fortuitous accident waiting to happen, and it’s a good thing too. Ty repeated diatribes against her and she said never more. Ty was an inhibition to Liz’s life, now Liz’s will have an partner for the rest of her life.

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