January 15, 2009
“Do you what to get up any time soon.” mom yelled groaning
“No but do I have a choice” I mumbled with a drooping face.
“No you don’t not at also get your little booty up,” mom yelled “not even a little.” . She mumbled.
So I got up in dark blue pants and a light green shirt. Then I was ready for anything that hit me. When I got on the bus I forgot my lunch box so we had to go back and get it. The second time I got on the bus every body was staring at me. When Bagwell got on I was in for it.
“You’re in for it now” everybody exclaimed.
“Hear we go again with the bulling.” I mumbled.
“.You made the bus late.” Bagwell said simultaneously glaring at me.
“So we won’t be late to school.” I said.
“What every.” He said. The rest of the ride was horrible. When I got off the bus and I put my stuff down to go play. I want and hugged my friends then went to play. The bell ranged Bring Bring. If it is ok to you I am going too skipped to lunch. Witched means about 8 1/2 hours. What I brought was delicious and appetizing. The watery white meat. When you bit in to it your mouth waters like a dog with a chew on. So I’m going to skip to the bus ride home if that is ok with you.
The first thing that I said was “oh great it is Bagwell.”
“Ha David are you going home are you going home,” said Bagwell, “are you going to get a live because you really need one.”
“I have a life,” yelled David, “Bagwell I’m going to tell my mom!”
“No you are not,” exclaimed Bagwell.
“Your right I won’t.” David said.
It’s my stop and I’m ready to do my home work and go to bed. When I got in the house I sat down on the ground to get my energy back. So I was the only kid home because David went to a friend’s house. I finally got to the living room.
“OMG” I don’t believe that it's really its Wednesday I can not believe it. My mom said that I had to go get my yoga pants on.
When I come out of my room I was in my black silky pants and my purple shirt. My mom was in her black silky pants and red shirt. I had lad down on my purple, pink, and black mate. Like a minute later I almost pulled a muscle. My mom made me sit out for a while. When I finally could get back in it was my favorite part. My favorite part is standing on your head but it is hard to! So after I was finished I went to go get a hot/cold shower to relax the muscles. Then I got in my purple and black pajamas with bears on them.

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