Crayons and Tears

January 15, 2009
By Amanda Cole, Shelbyville, IL

OH NO! Well, it was in 2nd grade and I went to Main Street School in Shelbyville and my teacher’s name was Mrs. Fedrigon. If I could make a list of top best teachers, she would be on there. I liked her because she had a pizza (it was from Monical’s) party and she really knew my family well. She helped me when I needed it. The best thing I can remember from her room is that she had a traffic light. It told us when we could talk. Red, we couldn’t talk, yellow, light we could talk quietly, and green, we could talk for a while.
Expect one day I wanted to sharpen a crayon, So I went up to the pencil sharpener and I thought that a sharpener is a sharpener. But I think that I just broke Mrs. Fedrigon sharpener. Then I got in trouble and I cried my eyes out. Then my principal came and talked to me and asked why I did that and just said I didn’t mean to do it. Everyone in my 2nd grade class probably still remembers that. But then the next day everything was back to normal.

All I can remember is playing at free time. We were playing twister, roll the ball, and hopscotch. I was playing hopscotch I believe. When I wasn’t playing hopscotch it was hilarious watching my classmates playing twister. Then a girl came over and I asked her, “You want to play with me?”
I said “Sure”

After free time had gone by we went to color and I needed to sharpen my crayon. But before this I wanted to see if there was another crayon of that color or if someone would lend me their crayon. Someone gave one to me and I said,” Thank-you! ” They said,” Your welcome!” Then I used that for a while and it needed sharpened so I went over there to sharpen it. I sharpened it in a pencil sharpener and I broke the sharpener and I cried my eyes out. Why. Why. The principal had to come in and talk to me.

I hope you haven’t forgotten that I broke the sharpener. I kept telling her “I am really sorry.” I will get you another one if you want me to. All that was going through my head was, “Why did I just do this?” Why couldn’t I just listen to the simple directions? I believe she did say that to. I think I just wanted to get on her bad side. I was mad at myself and I was really embarrassed. I had a really red face I looked like a tomato.

Well after I finally got done crying Mrs. Bence went to tell all of the teachers. My friend (in real life) said that in 2nd grader had broken a pencil sharpener by putting a crayon in it. Scary. But the rest of the school year was fine like nothing ever happened. So the moral of the story is don’t ever put a crayon in a pencil Sharpener.

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