the falling of the roman empire

December 8, 2008
By Anonymous

The fall of the Roman Empire was a result of the black plague and invaders. The black plague came on trade ships that carried rats. When the ships dock the rats got off the ship and got off to the cities and the fleas the rats had bit the people on the cities which gave them the plague. Most of the people in cities died and the trade stopped, the stopping of the trade meant that the government could no longer collect taxes because the government had no money they could not pay the army, so then they had no army, and no army meant no protection from invaders. So the cities were sacked (destroyed) from the invaders. Because of the black death and the invaders the people moved out of the cities.

The fall of the Roman Empire lied to feudalism. Feudalism is a political system that forms a contract between the kings and the lords. The kings gave land to the lords. The kings gave land to the lords for protection and fees. The concept of a contract is the foundation with the government today. We give taxes and will fight for them if called and the government gives up protection and services. Manoralism is an economic feudalism.

The dark ages were the first part of the middle ages. It was called the dark ages because death was everywhere. Death was caused by war, winter, bad water, and unsanitary living conditions. Time stood still which meant no trade and no strong government. The sons of the lords were out of control they killed raped and destroyed the villages.

The author's comments:
ok all of you who might be reading i guess you are thinking- why'd she publish this we all know it. I published it because I did not have anything to do. Hope you ejoyed it though.

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