The Last Crusade

February 15, 2009
By Faith Lindgren SILVER, Roy, Washington
Faith Lindgren SILVER, Roy, Washington
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Your high school journey is coming to an end. You decided to take one last crusade and journey towards what you thought was real. You ended up on a path unlike any other. This crusade was going to be an obstacle and you knew it from the beginning. You are a thinker of sorts, but only when engaged in the right way, you are a fighter and know where the line is. You live in the present and when you come to the bridges you knew why you are crossing, and what was going to happen on the other side.

My high school journey is just beginning. I was just there at the end of the path that you traveled down. I drew you in closer leading you to walk across those bridges. After the bridges was of course the forks in the road. You always chose the right way, leading you closer to your lovely princess. You kept going though the strong winds, which kept blowing you back and despite what other people say you ignored them. Then finally you made it. And when you got there the crusade was completed. You were with the lucky girl but how long could it last.

One day you went out and got lost in the maze. I stayed right where I was and did nothing but mourn for you. You desperately tried getting me back, but if you tried any harder that line would be crossed. It was like I was in a tall tower looking over you and you were struggling in the maze trying your hardest to get to me. You have tried once and I am afraid that in won't happen again.

Your high school journey is coming to an end. Get out of this maze and venture away with an open heart, but make sure that I will always be remembered. My tall tower will soon collapse and I will start a crusade of my own. We have to be blessed that such a thing happened to us; we have to pick ourselves up and move on. And from here I say farewell.

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