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   Some say that the best ideas are obtained just before you fall asleep, when your mind is relaxed. Such thoughts are deposited in a section of the brain responsible for creativity. Many fledgling ideas never have an opportunity to develop, for it is here where M.B. (Mental Block) resides.

He is a minuscule troll with a voracious appetite. He wears denim overalls with forks in his pockets, ready to delve into any fodder that enters the brain. His teeth are rotted, due to his fondness for creative-writing assignments. To him they are snacks; however, his gluttony poses a major problem for high-school students, especially when deadlines loom.

When people tell you that "Inspiration cannot be forced," they are lying. The truth is, it occurs every few minutes, but M.B. devours the material. The more clever the idea, the more M.B. consumes; innovation is more palatable than research.

M.B. collaborates with W.C. (Writer's Cramp) and C.T.S. (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome). On those rare occasions when M.B. becomes full, he calls upon his two friends to prevent the transcription of the author's ideas. Not only is such intervention frustrating, but it is also extremely painful.

M.B. hates when others talk about him negatively. He becomes so angry he goes into overdrive, working even harder to block the development of the writer's ideas. The best way to combat M.B. is to ... ah, I have a headache! Perhaps M.B. has woken up! I can't finish this; it hurts too much!

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i love this so much!


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