How to Survive High School: To All Freshmen MAG

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   It's impossible to survive high schoolwithout getting into some trouble. If you want to get outsafely, it's good to have some tricks up your sleeve. Forexample, most new students are victims of pranks. When afreshman asks someone for directions, he usually gets a bogusanswer. If you are a freshman, and you can tell you are beinglied to, just do the complete opposite of what you are told,trust me. When I was a freshman, I was looking for a room onthe fifth floor in a school that only has fourfloors.

One tip that will take you far (no matter whereyou go to school) is never eat the cafeteria food. Once youare caught eating there, your social life is gone. Everyonemakes fun of cafeteria food (including some teachers). So, ifyou are hungry, just eat your books.

One thing no onewants to get into (but it's sometimes unavoidable) is a fight.If you get into a situation that requires you to fight, justdo what I do. Tell the other person you'll fight after schooland to meet you somewhere (like you'll really be there).Twenty minutes before school is over, leave! Don't wait untilafter school; you may get caught and be forced to fight. Dothat every day until the person loses the desire tofight.

Fighting is not the only situation you'll findyourself in. For example, if you are absent from a class (oryou just cut it - which I never did, of course), and the nextday the teacher asks for a note, (which you don't have), thisis what you should do. Before you go to the class, throwyourself down a flight of stairs. The teacher will be soshocked by your bruises, he or she will forget about the note.Then you're home free.

Another situation you may findyourself in is "Owed Books." You may borrowtextbooks. When you return them, get a receipt. We all knowthat records are not kept very well. So you may be told laterthat you owe the same book you just returned, and if you don'thave the receipt, you're in hot water. You might be expectedto pay for the books, which cost an arm and a leg. So thosebook receipts are like gold - don't lose them! If you can,strap them to your chest and keep them until you get yourdiploma.

The first hundred days of high school for afreshman are like the first hundred days for a new president.Within that time you have to make sure you're on yourteachers' good side, try to make friends and not run intotrouble. For some people it's easy; still, I suggest that youget to work as soon as possible. I cannot tell you how to geton a teacher's good side, because they're not all the same.Personally, I like to make jokes. However, that approach maynot work with all teachers. You may have to do backflips(whatever it takes). If you want to survive in high school,and maybe even be popular, just remember to do the completeopposite of what you did in junior high. It will guaranteeinstant success.

The best advice anyone can give you isthis - work like a dog for the first three years of highschool so you can relax as a senior. You don't want to gocrazy during your senior year worrying about whether you'llgraduate or not. You don't want to be a SuperSenior!

If you want to have an enjoyable, productiveand memorable high-school experience, stay on the good side ofyour teachers. Do the work, choose your friends carefully andstay out of trouble. That's always the winning combination.

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