Song of Myself MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I hope to leave my mark on this world
afootprint distinctly mine
but to understand me one has tosee the whole path;
a changing pattern of small feet
tomore matured
from a life of carefree simplicity
to oneof careful thoughtfulness

A young child, I ran freelywith laughter trailing behind
the footprints werepetite
I get older and learn about the imperfections oflife:
         the cancer and the dying
the footprints get bigger
Olderagain, I take on the responsibilites and consequences
ofhonesty, hard work andlosing
            travel carrying extra luggage
the footprints sinkdeeper
When I pause to turn around and examine this path Ihave made
I can spot all of the stages of my life:
        learning the hard way what it means tolose
                            of stress anddistress
                                        theloss of good friends
I continue on for the long journeythat waits for me,
the life I have yet to live
and yetI still haven't figured it all out
I know that each daypassed
and each day to come
makes a new and differentfootprint on the earth
but still one

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i love this so much!


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