Ringing in a Small Town MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   As a cashier in a small town, you learn alot, not just how to run a cash register, but aboutpeople.

I meet a lot of neat people as a cashier. SomeI like to see come in, but others I just want to crawl underthe cash register and hide from. Some talk to me like theyhave known me forever; they tell me things I wouldn't eventell my mom.

One day shortly after I started at thesupermarket, an older lady I had not seen before was tellingme about her health problems. It was really sad. She talkedabout how she needed heart surgery, and how scared she was. Wetalked for 10 minutes, and I told her about my grandmother'sheart surgery. By the time she left, we both had tears in oureyes. I hope she comes back to let me know the surgery wentokay.

I get to know people really well at my job. Iused to think I was too shy to talk to lots of people, but assoon as I stepped behind that register, I knew I was going tolove meeting people.

Many people come every day, someeven two or three times. There's one guy who comes in everyday, and as soon as he sees me, he says, "Smile, Stacy,your smile is beautiful." Every day, without fail, I hearthat.

Some people aren't as nice. One guy comes in oncea week and makes me nervous even to bag his groceries. Itdoesn't matter how I pack them; he always gets upset aboutsomething. If I bag his eggs separately, he wants them in withthe rest. but if I put them in with the other groceries hesays they will break. No matter what, I can neverwin.

My mom works at the same store, and almosteveryone who knows us thinks I look just like her wearing thatblue smock. Some call me by her name. I don't think I lookthat much like her but they can't tell thedifference.

I enjoy working at the store and love mostof the people. There is always someone who passes through myline who makes me stop and think about how good life is, andhow nice people really are.

I never would have thoughtI could actually like ringing in a small town.

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i love this so much!


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