Working: Summer Experience This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   Summer is always the best time to get a job(especially when your family will not stop telling you to getone). I finally started the search in May after a lot ofnagging. I have to admit that working has been a moreenjoyable experience than I ever thought.

I thoughtmost of the "good" jobs would be taken, but I waswrong. I passed a local business with an "openhouse" sign outside, so I figured, it wouldn't hurt tocheck it out. I never thought I would get the job, because itseemed as though they were only hiring older, experiencedworkers. But I went for an interview and, to my surprise, Igot the job!

I was very excited to be working in acorporate office. When I arrived, I had to fill out mountainsof paperwork. Then I took a tour of the building. It allseemed so interesting. An hour later I was sent to theMaintenance Department.

This was where I spent mysummer days. I worked 8:00 to 5:00 Monday through Friday. Iwasn't very thrilled with the hours, but it was money. Forsome reason I thought I would be doing more interesting work.I was basically the secretary's secretary. I did all the workshe didn't have time to do. At first I wanted to quit, becauseit was so boring - and I would rather be spending my time atthe beach. After all, this is summer. But I continued foranother week, and I began to love it. It wasn't so much thejob, but the people I came to know and like. I learned so muchfrom them, about life and the business world.

Sadly,the end of the summer came to an end. I was only hired as asummer intern, so I had to go. So now I am on the hunt for anew job.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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