February 14, 2009
By Anonymous

All of the Indian Tribes of Texas in the 1400's were very diverse. Some Indian tribes stay in the same location and others are nomadic. Nomadic means a group of individuals don't stay in the same location for long. A few were friendly and the rest were vicious and mean.

If I was alive way back then, I would want to be a member of the Caddoes. The Caddoes were the most pleasant and serene. I believe that being a colleague of this Indian tribe, I wouldn't be fearing for my life. The Caddoes were also the most advanced individuals. The men built the houses, while the women made mats out of reeds and leaves, and pots and bowls out of clay. The Indians lived in large villages surrounded by their crops which included but not limited to corn, pumpkins, and other vegetables. They would not allow people to do nothing, mainly because there was always something to be done. They worked hard in the fields during weather. However, when it rained they would simply stay inside and work on bows and arrows, clothes, and tools. The Caddoes also hunted and fished. They ate buffalo and bear meat and fish. Each tribe had a chief or governor called a Caddi. Who ruled the section of country occupied by his tribe, even if it was big or small. If the group was large, they had a sub-chief called Canahas. Their duty was to relieve the chief and punish those that did wrong. One of the sub-chiefs would be giving order to fellow Indians regarding the food for the chief. They also tryed to scare people so they wouldn't do wrong. The main punishment was getting whipped. They loved what the majority of teenage girls still love which is jewelry. The Caddoes traded over large areas of Texas. They lived near major rivers. Some of the rivers were the Sabine, Trinity, and the Neches. The Caddoes shook hands when they first met others. They also named Texas which means friendship. The thing that the Caddoes had that others didn't was friendship. And, that's why I respect their tribe and would enjoy being a part of.

I wouldn't want to be a part of the Karankawas, because unlike the Caddoes, they were canibles. Which means that they ate other humans. I find that fact very disturbing. The Karankawas lived near present day Corpus Christi or also known as the Gulf Coast; they lived near the Brazos, Colorado, and the Nuesces Rivers and also the Gulf of Mexico. The Karankawan men decorated their bodies with piercings on their lower lip and chest. They wore little clothing during the Summer, but during the Winter they wore deer skins. They were nomads. They built cannoes in which the rode out to waters with fish to catch. They were also hunters and gatherers; they hunted deers and ate gathered fruits, seeds, and plant greens. I don't want to be part of them, because that means that I'd have to kill fellow Indians. And, one thing they didn't relize then was that we're the only things on Earth that can change it. So being enemies with others is a waste of time. After all, we only get to live on this blue planet a short hundred years, if that long.

To sum it all up, I would enjoy being part of the Caddoe tribe and would hate having to be in the Karankawa tribe. However, there's no time machine to go back in time and see what they're really like. You never no the Karankawas could not have been understood well.

The author's comments:
I had to write this for a history assignment.

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