The Guide to Snowball Fighting

January 14, 2009
By Anonymous

Snowball fighting has a defense and offence and many different tactics. Some of them include giant snowballs ice and forts. This guide is about improving strategy of the game. Also about how to make it more fun!

Offence is a big part in snowball fights because it’s how you win. One tactic you could use is infantry, it involves a lot of snowballs and people attacking. You need one person to make snowballs for every group of three people attacking. To penetrate the fortress make an ice ball the day before by putting water on the snowball and freezing it over night. Another way is to make a gigantic snowball and roll in down a hill at the enemies’ fortress but don’t make it an ice ball, or it will get someone killed.

Defense is just as important as offence, because it’s what keeps you from losing and for every defense theirs and offence that goes with it. Your fort is a big part of defense. You should put water on it and let it sit over night to reinforce and freeze it, but make sure it’s smooth or it wont work. To defend against a gigantic snowball you need to make a spike a spike is a con that’s almost solid ice and it sticks up toward the hill in front of your fort. It works by breaking the snowball before it hits your fortress. You make it the same way you do the fort smooth but with more water and it has to be at lest 3 feet long and 10 feet in front of you fort.

Tactics are to help your defense and offense one of the tactics is black ice. You need to find a smooth surface, for example a sidewalk, put water on it, wait overnight then cover it with some snow. When they slip on the ice, Ambush! For this to work the ice has to be smooth, wet and slippery like a bar of soap. Another tactic is the snow tree. All you do is find a tree hanging over a sidewalk, get a stick to whack it with when someone is under it and snow falls on them.

Snowball fighting has a defense offence and uses many tactics. Snowball fighting involves Giant snowballs, ice, forts, snow and much more. I hope this helps you as a snowball fighter, and as a person. So go out and have a snowball fight!

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