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   It all started sophomore year when a new girl,Brittany, came to school. She was pretty and seemed very nice. Anne,Kristen, Terra and I had gone to school together since kindergarten, andwere close, but somehow, we became even closer with Brittany in thepicture. We did things together on the weekends, and never ran out ofsubjects to talk about.

For Brittany's birthday we took her out.Anne bought a crown, and crowned her Birthday Girl. The waiters did aMexican Hat Dance and gave her a huge dessert, which we all shared. Wehad so much fun we decided to make it a tradition.

Terra'sbirthday was next, but it was on homecoming. So, in our beautifuldresses, we all went to the Olive Garden, where Brittany crowned herBirthday Girl. Then it was off to the dance, followed by a midnight stopat IHOP, where we sang Britney Spears' songs so loud everyone in therestaurant heard us.

Anne's birthday was next - a week beforeChristmas. Because everyone had so much going on, we ended upcelebrating in January.

My sixteenth birthday was next. They tookme to the Outback Steakhouse and Anne crowned me. I wore the crown allweekend around the house. I was so excited because soon I would pass itto Kristen.

We've decided we need a new crown, so soon we willpool our money to get one that won't fall apart. Our poor crown has losta stone, pops apart on our heads and the gold spray paint is chipping.We need one that will stand the test of time.

I will alwaysremember the birthday crown. I can just imagine when we have graduatedand have careers, we will plan to meet somewhere in New York or Parisjust to celebrate a birthday; and at the same time, remember saying toeach other, "This is something to remember."

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i love this so much!


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