Streets MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Streets are such an amazing kaleidoscopeof energies. Every day we walk down the street watching and waiting forour lives to interact.
The incredible differences that exist inso small a space come bursting in your face the moment you step out ofthe house. The judgments, the pre-conceived ideas, the creativity, allof it swarming around you as you try to make your way down your frontsteps. You try to find a place within this chaos, grasping at straws,looking for your roots which may be long lost by now ... As the winds offrustration begin to move, slowly at first and then quickly, you see acloud begin to overshadow the sun. But as this hurricane of motionbegins to blind you, your memory grabs hold of your hand, and etches onyour mind the reality of your dream. You pause for a moment to reflect,and as you gaze around, you realize that the wind has stopped, the earthis standing still. And in this one serene moment you remember the visionof your dream. You remember your goal with its sunshine and its passion,and with that dream you are safe. You breathe in, and then sigh as youbreathe out. Then you continue walking down the absurd path of life ...

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i love this so much!


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