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   Two yearsago, my mom decided she wanted a better job. She considered her optionsand finally decided to take classes. Now she is near completing hereducation for the second time in her life, and is still struggling tofind time to just live. I have been keeping track of her workload, andwhile it is more than mine, it sure isn't much more. So, on behalf ofthe local chapter of SUP (Students Under Pressure), I give her aheartfelt welcome.

It has been interesting hearing my mothercomplain about assignments

and talk about her crazy teachers. Itis stranger still to find myself telling her things like, "That'sjust the way it is," and asking, "Are you almost done withyour homework?" Talk about a role reversal!

Sheis constantly working on school projects. Even as I write this, she isdoing one, and probably thinking about how much she would rather bedoing something else.

Don't think I am making this up. My momjust came in the room to see what I was doing. When I read this to her,she started to laugh. She wants to send a copy to my sister in collegeand she didn't disagree with a single line.

Of course, learningnever stops. That does not scare me because I truly enjoy learning. Butfrom this experience in my family's history, I have been motivated toget all my schooling done at once, for fear of having to put up withmore later!

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i love this so much!


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