The Barn MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   It was a beautiful spring day, thefirst after a long, desolate winter. The sun shone through the windowsof my prison, and a cool breeze ruffled the papers on my desk. I watchedthe clock with quiet anticipation, praying the bell would ring andliberate me from the teacher's dull soliloquy. Finally, it did. Igrabbed my bag and ran from the classroom. I couldn't wait to leave theplace behind for a long weekend.

My excitement rose as I drovedown the dirt road to my sanctuary. The whinnies I heard matched myfeeling of joy. School, homework and projects were left behind as I tookher from the stall and brushed her soft coat. I picked up her lead and,as we walked to the gate, she tensed with excitement. She waitedimpatiently for me to set her free. I moved away to give her room to runand she exploded with leaps and bucks. As she careened around thepaddock, I sat on the warm grass and watched her play, realizing therewas no other place I would rather be than at the barn with my mare,Rory.

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i love this so much!


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