A Seductive Night This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   The atmosphere was nearingfestive. The large, second-story Greek restaurant was filled withmiddle-aged bald guys and a birthday support group for an attractivecollege girl. Quick, spicy music was belting from the live band, whichconsisted of an electric drum set, strings and an amazing, beautifulsinger. The lights were dim and voices cut through the music here andthere, along with an occasional laugh. It was a happy place tobe.

I was caught in a trance of admiration for the live musicwhen my friend put his hand on my shoulder and shoved a plate of tiny,breaded squid toward me. "Try some calamari, man!" he urgedwith a glint in his eye. I reached down and snatched one; it wasdelicious and I was chomping down the little guys when the musicstopped.

As I looked up, a hand shot out from the doorwayadjacent to the band. Just her hand and arm were seductive. A glisteningmetal snake wrapped around her lightly defined bicep. In came one of herlegs, slowly. The music started, a romantic's fantasy of Egyptian andSpanish guitars welcoming her. Into the room she came, and I heard sighsof amazement. She wore a narrow strip of silvery material across herchest and a small, metallic skirt. The music began to control her bodyas it rested upon a slow tempo. Her movements were like water; sheseemed to use every muscle in her delicate body as she swayed about theroom. In a complete trance, the first man didn't know how to react whenher ocean-filled eyes locked with his. Only dreams have brought him to aplace such as this. She continued to float around the room, flowing tothe music.

From across the room, I could hear his heart when shepointed at him and coaxed him to the center stage. After energeticencouragement from the group at his table, he stood and approached theglowing woman. The music suddenly rang out a spicy Greek dance. Sherevealed a castanet in each hand, which joined her own rhythm with thatof the band. She circled the man as if in a ritual dance, her skin andflowing dark hair angelic. Suddenly, a stomp of her foot and the musicstopped. She put her hands on the nervous man's hips, and in came themusic again. She slowly put a finger on top of his head and walkedaround to his front where her star-filled eyes met his. Still movinglike I had never seen a human move before, she slid her finger down hisforehead and palmed his face, then walked him backwards until heclumsily spilled into his chair. She blew him a kiss he will rememberforever, and then spun back to the stage.

She caressed the airwith her fluid movements as the music slowed. On the prowl again, herbright eyes danced about the room for her next victim. I saw eyes shootaway with nervousness as she tried to make a connection. Then her eyesturned to me. An intense, piercing look cut through any mask I waswearing. My blood began to boil; I couldn't look away. The connectionlasted as long as my will to live. Her face was mysterious, telling methings I had never heard before. My heart was pounding when she began toapproach me. I was lost, lost in her lips, her eyes, her hair.

The music suddenly stopped, along with my heart, as she stomped on thefloor. I died that very moment. I died and was reborn. With her headbowed enough for me to see her furrowed eyebrows and half of her eyes,she began to raise her hand slowly toward me. My heart began to raceagain.

I wanted the connection we had established to stay betweenus. I was reluctant to show everyone how I moved in comparison with agoddess. Her hand was almost pointing between my eyes when I accepted myfate. Not knowing what I would do in the next 30 seconds, my leg musclestightened to stand. Still never losing eye contact, she gave me amischievously seductive look and smile. In what was to me a ray ofconfusion, her arm swung to the left of my head, pointing straight at ayoung, half-drunk business type. I saw him die.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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