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February 10, 2009
As it turns out I'm a kind of person who gives advice with no problem. But i found myself in a kind of dilemma. My best friend, we call her Lacy, has a crush on multiple guys. And she asked me for help on choosing which one. Guy #1 she has dated before and is having trouble getting over. They had fought a lot but they still have feelings for each other, and are a long distance relationship. Guy #2 is some one new that she has a class in, I've seen his photo and he is cute. To her he is someone fresh, someone she actually can relate to and have a good time with. And Guy #3 is some one she is good friends with, but each like each other, but their friends EACH don't like them.

At one point i had my self in this same situation. And because me and Lacy are not the same people i couldn't tell her what I would do because it might be a mistake. So, because we are best friends it was easy to know what choice she would have liked to make most, I told her to wait a while. This goes out to any other girl or even guy with this exact problem.

They key is to wait. You might find out something you really like about a person or dislike about he person. Or even someone new will come along that is better than all the rest. Just be patient and your best decision will come to you.

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MerrickRaven said...
Feb. 25, 2009 at 1:18 pm comment? :(
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