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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   Music - it can inspire the loneliest soul, or turnthe calmest person to madness. It aches, it breathes, it slips around your bodylike a slithering snake squeezing, grabbing your attention.

A good melodycan make you cry, want to die, or carry you to new heights. It lives, it sings toyour heart, seems to touch that which is usually untouchable - your soul. Itspeaks to your insides and rests in there, slowly merging with what's alreadythere; it becomes a part of you. Dance and dance; try to capture the music andfind that you cannot. It floats all around you, an untouchable mass, slippery wetstrings of nothingness floating in an empty space. Only when it chooses does itenter you, other times it goes by unnoticed.

What is it in music thatspeaks to the heart, that inspires me to write? I find myself shattered, brokento pieces and then reassembled again over a song. It's the complexity andsometimes the simplicity, the stark quality of a song that draws me to it. Forweeks at a time a song just won't let go of me. It enchants, entertains andbedazzles.

It's indescribable how the combination of certain instrumentscan change everything. Your mood, even your life, can be changed by listening toa powerful song. It's like a well-woven tapestry that can inspire, enchant,entrance and suspend all thoughts. When a song is done well and the instrumentsare selected wisely, each retains its own voice, each with a power behind it,each with its own story, all fitting together in the tapestry of the song.Other-wise, the song fails. It is the flow, the seductive dance of theinstruments, that bring life to a piece of music. It's love, perfect love,indescribable yet understood by all.

Perhaps it is that perfect blendingthat draws us to a song. Music binds us together; I connect with people, images,scenes and forgotten knowledge through music. It is a blessing, a curse and adivine instrument of communication all at the same time. Indescribable feelingslie open for the world to see in a song. We learn about each other through asong. Music has taught me what humanity could not - how to be human. It's amazinghow music has changed me. I learned to feel, I learned to love and to live, allbecause of music. Music is a gift that should be cherished. It is one of the onlyhuman creations I am truly proud of.

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i love this so much!


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