The Third Grade

February 9, 2009
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Three years ago I was attending third grade. During that year I had an event happen to me that I would never forget. During that year I joined the cross country team. (Which, when I think about it now, I think it is funny. The only reason they allowed third graders to be on the cross country team was so that they would be too exhausted to be rowdy.) Well it all happened after a practice meet; everybody was lined up in front of the fountain waiting to get a drink. Of course the line was long because there was so many of us in cross country. Here I am waiting in line for a drink, panting like a dog and have a heat stroke at the same time. I was thinking to myself why does time have to slow down when you need to do something because everybody seemed to be taking ages to get a drink. Finally it was my turn. Here I am walking up to the fountian, mouth watering in anticipation, that is when it happens. All of a sudden there was a flash of blonde hair in front of me, when I do a double take there is girl in front of me. I thought to myself what a mean person. Here I was sitting in line for ages waiting for a drink when a girl cuts in front of me. So I pushed her out of my way and started lapping up the water like a dog. She said something but I didn't notice because I felt like I was in heaven. When I got down I started walking back to the classroom when the teacher steps in front of me out of nowhere like she is a ninja. She started shouting at me, but I didn't hear the first few things she said because of the force she was using dazed me. Then I caught sight of the girl that I pushed out of the way. That was when I realized what the teacher was yelling at me for. If I could only get my hands on that little demon when she was the one that did something wrong. After the verbal spanking from the teacher, she sent me to the principal's office to see the principal. After going there and hearing that the principal will call my mom she told me to sit outside. Here I am sitting thinking to myself about when she will come. All of a sudden hurricane force wind came blasting into the office, I raised my arms in front of my face to shield it from harm. When I lowered my arms there was my mom standing in front of me with her face the color of a strawberry. "Oh no", I thought, "The spawn of satan has arrived."

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