Stepping Together to Make My Life Better MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

   There was a time in my life when I was a danger tosociety. I became attracted to the wrong crowd and was introduced to chemicals.Soon I was cutting school and enjoying the highs. I was physically andpsychologically enslaved, and it became more and more expensive to support myhabit. It wasn't long before I just ran out of money and stole to buy the drugs Ithought I needed. Eventually, I needed something more, and that something wastransportation, so I started stealing cars. But I was slapped in the face withreality for my wrongdoings: buying drugs landed me in a detentioncenter.

I came out clean, but then relapsed. I continued to steal and usedrugs, but my master changed from marijuana to heroin, which I started because itwas easier to pass drug tests. As with marijuana, I thought I could handleheroin, but I just got out of line again and did not listen to myparents.

The men in blue who tried to help me before were once again afterme, and they caught me in spite of my attempts to run. I truly made my life adisaster and did not care what happened to me. I was sent away to a facility butcouldn't adjust to its program. A few months ago, I was sent to another place,where I am getting the help I want and need. Here, people work together to make apositive change.

That is what it takes - people stepping together to helpothers help themselves in their goal of peace.

I have done so much wrongin my life that I have often wondered if my soul is gone. I wasted my life doingdrugs. But if I am going to succeed, I must see all that as part of the past. Iam now as straight as the crow flies. It is hard to believe I was nothing at onetime. I am into my treatment and looking deep down. I've had my ups and downs,but now I'm on top!

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i love this so much!


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