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February 7, 2009
By jerdair BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jerdair BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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scene1 - you not going nowhere. myera: why cant i go huh let me breath.All you do is want me to stay in the house and be miserable like you.

vanessa: look im the adult and you are the child. And since when parents let their child party start at 9:30

myera: when i said so

vanessa: i really think its time for you to go to bed. Since you just lost yo mind i think you should go to bed and get it back.

myera: i can go to bed at jasmine house.

vanessa: says who?

myera: watch me.

vanessa: go ahead and leave just know that when you leave dont come back i dont want you hear.You hear me dont come back.

myera: ( gets louder and angrier) okay you got it im not going nowhere. You act like im some type of child.

Vanessa: you are a child.Your my child.

myera: dont remind me...........And number 2 im 15 im grown.

vanessa: ( chuckels louldy) grown do you hear yourself. did yall hear her ( looks at audience) grown you dont do nothing lets see who buy your clothes uh me.Okay who feeds you me. dont come to me talking about you grown.... ill tell you what since you so grown and so mature where my money at?

myera: what money? ( stands there with hands folded)

vanessa: Okay let's see okay the water bill just came today okay and im behind on the gas so you owe me some money for that. the cable and the computer you cant stay off of. my food yo butt been eating okay and the hot water you take baths with. You owe me at least 1200$ not to mention clothes, shoes and all that other good stuff.

myera: ..... whatever.

vanessa: Thats what i thought.

vanessa: look its late we both are tired.You not going to that party we both should just go to bed ( walks over to myera)Youre young when you have kids of you're own you'll understand why iam so hard on you now good night. ( walks away)

myera: yeah right good mother

SCENE2- lets go it's only(12:00)

myera: dont knock so hard ( opens the door for her friend jasmine)

jasmine: hey girl i threw a rock at yo door 3 times.You ready to go to this party?

myera: girl i thought that party was over?

jasmine: well you thought wrong girl get dressed...... you know malik is there.

myera: girl he is.

jasmine: and trust me he been asking for you girl all night.

myera: for real.let me get my coat ill be right back. (comes back)

jasmine: you sure you not going to get in trouble?

myera: skip that stuff they got some smokes?

jasmine: you know it lets go ( leaves out )

SCENE3- i swear when she get home

vanessa:( walks across floor nerveously)I wonder if shes okay? How could she do something so stupid.

diane: because you let her.

vanessa: ma what are you doing?

diane: trying to find you a pot to hit her in the head when she get in here.

vanessa: i told you whooping never sloves anything. ma come in here.

diane: ( walks in and sits down) girl shut up. and what you mean whooping your child never sloves anything. that tree in the backyard kept you and steve real focus.

vanessa: thats excatly why i dont want to put my hands one her. but she pushing me mama.

diane: and you aint fell yet.let me tell you something the only reason why that little girl talk to you like that is cause you let her. aint no child of mine going to make me stress like the way you are cause i tell you one thing she be on the streets she walking ill tell you that. cant live by my rules then you got to go.if i talked to my mama like that pastor leroy.would have been at the church saying lets bow our heads in slience to rember the life of diane, mayrack.

vanessa:well that was in the 40s and this is now you have your ways in raising a child and i have mine.

diane: maybe you need to read your manual over cause in mine it say if a child dosent stay in a child place you knock that child out that's what mine say.

vanessa: well mine say it dosent slove anything.

diane: whatever you say vanessa. whatever you say.(myera walks in)

vanessa: get back here little girl (myera walks back in)

myera: what.

vanessa: dont what me. where were you last night?

myera: i went to a party.

vanessa: the party i told you not to go to.

myera: something like that.

diane: she should something like that you all over the floor.

vanessa: what you mean something like that.

myera: what i said.

vanessa: im telling you. you pushing me.

myera: you done yet i got people to call?

vanessa: i think you better go lay down. since you just lost yo mind i think if you go to sleep youll get it back.

myera: what ever ( walks away)

vanessa: and myera when i get back from the store i will decide you punishment.

diane: the store can wait this is your child.

vanessa: mama lets go.myera one day you'll understand why iam so hard on you im just trying to be a good mother ( leaves out)

myera: a good mother yeah okay whatever.


myera:(knocking) who is it?

malik: malik.

myera: malik. what you doing here?

malik: open the door and you will find out.

myera: oh ( opens door)hey.

malik: this a nice house where your room at. isnt that your ma i saw leaving the house her and some old lady.

myera: yea her and my grandma. and down the hall come in( moves from in front of door)

malik: thank you.

myera: so what you come over here for?

malik: why it has to be something.
myera: cause everything happen for a reason.

malik: im saying we been seeing each other for a while now i just wanted to take it to the next level.

myera: ( smiles) and what level is that?

malik: let me show you( leads her down the hall to her room)


vanessa: my feet hurt i hate that i job.

diane: i got a question to ask you sit down. ( vanessa sits down)

vanessa: what is it ma?

diane:now yesterday myera snuck out to a party at 12:00 at night didnt come back until she wanted to and we went to the store right.

vanessa: yeah thats right and what else.

diane: i want to know one thing.

vanessa: whats that ma?

diane: did you kill her when we came back.

vanessa: no.

diane: no i dont want to hear no more.

vanessa: listen. we talked and she said that she was wrong she apologized for what she said and she cant go outside for the next six months alright.

diane: yeah it's alright. but she still wouldnt be going nowhere cause id snatch both of her legs off. look vanessa do you honestly think that she not going to break another one of your rules.

vanessa: im pretty sure she is ma but i will be there to punish her.

diane: alright. alright vanessa.

diane: you know your son called and left a message on my phone saying that he was coming today.

diane: please dont tell me that.

steve: open up the door its steve.

diane: ( walks over to the door)i aint here.

steve: aww okay well tell my mama i came by.

diane: boy get in here.did he leave girl( screams)boy get in here.

steve: i thought you wasnt here.

diane: sometimes i even wonder.

steve: how you been mama?

diane: ive been alright baby living and breathing so you know im fine.

steve: i know thats right mama....... hello vanessa.

vanessa: if youll excuse me i got dinnner to cook.

steve: what cliff she jump off of this afternoon.

diane: its this morning dummie. you know she still mad about that 40$ you owe her.

steve: as long as i owe her she will never be broke.

diane: you better pay her.

steve: alright alright ill pay her.

steve: where the little baby at. um whats her name myera where she at?

diane: in that little room of her's. now im finna tell you something but dont say nothing you hear me.

steve: loud and clear.

diane: you know she snuck out without her mothers permission right just snuck off and left to a party didnt get back till 1:00 in the afternoon.

steve: not little myera.

diane: little myera got a big mouth.

steve: she ever tried it with you?

diane: you see she still alive. you know i dont play

steve: yea i should have known.

diane: shut up here she come( vanessa walks in)

vanessa: what ya'll quiet for.

diane: nothing oh nothing.

vanessa: yea right. myera get in here(myera walks in the room on the phone)

myera: yea six months hold up jasmine ima call you back.what

vanessa: dont what me. go get ready for dinner.

steve: you not going to say hey to your uncle.

myera: hey steve.

steve: come here lets rap for a minute.

myera: what.

steve: why is it so hard for you to listen to your mama. and do what she say?

myera: look. i dont have to listen to nobody so if thats what you was trying to ask me you can forget about dont come up in my house trying to check me cause it aint happening i do what i want when i want. why you even here

vanessa: watch your mouth you don talk to him like that.

diane: myera.

myera:what is it.

diane: talk to me like that( jumps up out the seat) i want you to talkt to me like that.

vanessa: go get ready for dinner.everytime you two get togther something happen just let me raise my own child.

diane: now why you do that i should punch you in the face.

steve: let me go for i go to jail.

vanessa: and steve.

steve: what?

vanessa: i want my 50$

steve: you going to get it.

vanessa: when?

steve: when i get a job.

vanessa: when is that?

steve: never ( leaves out)

vanessa: i cant stand him.

diane: me either.

vanessa: why did you do that mama?

diane: what.

vanessa: telling steve about myera. i thought we had this talk already this is my child.

diane: i know its your child but are you raising her right.

vanssa: thats none of your buniess how i raise her she is mine i had her june 8, 1993 that was me and as far as im concern you have no say so over her.

diane i think you should take a nap. cause first of all i have all the say so in the world.because without me having you december 13, 1959 we wouldnt be having this conversation now would we, so dont play that this is my child game cause i win hands down cause without me there is no you and if you ever talk to me like that again Myera gone have to come scrap you off the ground you hear me.

vanessa: yes mama.



mrs. carol: class is dismissed ( walks over to myera with her head down).

mrs. carol. are you okay myera.

myera: i dont feel good at all.

mrs. carol: is it from something you ate.

myera: it couldnt be that.

mrs.carol: maybe you should go to the nurse


diane:vanessa get the phone( ringing)

vanessa: hello ( on the phone) yes this her........yes i know she said she was sick but i didnt think nothing was wrong with her and.......yes.....SHE'S WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


vanessa:come in ( knocks on door)

chris: i got your message is everything alright with myera.

vanessa: no its not shes pregant.

chris: so what that got to do with me.

vanessa: what you mean it dont have nothing to do with you. you havent been there in six years she needs you.

chris:so what i dont have time.

vanessa: you had time to make her.

chris: what do want from me.

vanessa: some time and money towards your daughter i havent asked you for nothing but now its time for you to step up and do your part.

chris. ( screams) you think i asked for this do you think i asked for this?

vanessa: and what you think i just off and said god give me a daughter by a no good man. chris she dosent live off air.

chris: she is cause im not giving up nothing.

vanessa: you know what i dont know why i called you. maybe i thought that you was going to be a better person but you still the same. the same idiot i had my child by but we dont need you just do what you do best.

chris: and what is that?

vanessa: be invisible do nothing dont show up that is what you do right.

chris: thats where you wrong i only do that to your child.

vanessa: get out.

chris: my pleasure(leaves)

diane: you just gone let him leave.

vanessa: yea.

diane: without a foot in his butt

vanessa: yea didnt you hear me say i dont need him.

diane: you want me to get him. just say the word.

vanessa: no mama let him go.

diane: i knew this was going to happen Vanessa i told you.

vanessa: well ma you told me so alright. there you won you got your wish.

diane: you think i wished for this to happen. its only one person and that made this happen to her Vanessa and thats god. now i dont want nothing to happen to myera but sometimes you reap what you sow.(myera walks in)

vanessa: come here.

myera: huh

vanessa: oh what happened to what or what you want. why didnt you tell me.

myera: tell you what.

diane: that you eating for two thats what.

myera: ma

vanessa: havent called me that in the longest.

myera: i didnt know ma.

diane: yea right.

myera: you shut up this aint got nothing to do with you so just sit there and shut up and mind you own buniess.

diane: who she talking to

vanessa: dont talk to my mama like that. you apologize to her right now.

myera: no.

diane:vanessa warm up the car.

vanessa: for what.

diane: cause myera on her way to the hosiptal ( trys to run up on myera)

vanessa: ( stands between the two of them)ma sit down and calm down.

diane: alright im done( walks off)trying to be smart you dont know nothing. Now say something else smart and i bet you one thing you going to get hurt in here. God made dirt and im going to show you it hurt.

vanessa: now how many times were you stupid.

myera: only once.

vanessa: i heard that before. it only takes one time for hiv one time for you to die one time for aids std one time for everything and you sit in my face talking about one time.

myera: im sorry.

vanessa: most black people are. so where were you at that party or at jasmine house.

myera: no i was here( vanessa runs over there and grab her)

vanessa:( screams) please dont tell me he was in here you so stupid you so stupid how could you bring him in my house. mama go start up the car cause she is on her way to the hosiptal.

diane: let her go.

vanessa: pushes her.( knocks on door0

diane: who is it?

malik: malik.

vanessa: let him in.

diane: come in.

vanessa:who are you.

diane: ask myera.

myera: malik.

vanessa: you malik need to get a job because myera is pregant.

diane: congrats dad.

malik: it aint mine.

myera: what you just say.

malik: you heard me.

myera: hear this( walks up on him)

jasmine: malik whats taking you so long( walks in)

diane: who is that.

myera: i cant believe this.

jasmine: im sorry myera.

myera: i knew it the whole time. all that time i was on punishment you were with him.

diane: i think you and dj pj better role out.

vanessa: get out

myera: mama im so sorry.

vanessa: yea you are but you are going to take care of that baby you are going to be there every day of its life no parties no nothing just the baby all day do you here me.

myera: yes.

diane: sometimes i take for you to go through all of that to realize what you have at home.

myera: im sorry grandma( hugs her)

diane: its alright.

vanessa: all i have to say is get ready.

diane: cause this is just the begining.


vanessa: for all of you who are thinking what happened next im going to tell you.Myera had the baby her name is diana mayrack she is as pretty and healthy as can be. and as for my mama she was recently released for assaulting chris on the street.some things never changed and myera graduated from high school and and as for me i dont have to struggle any more i later won 100,000$ dollars off a scratch off i guess i do have a job im working with god.

diane: now you say the end

The author's comments:
Hello my name is jerdair and i wanted to talk to you about my new script Choose Your Path Wisely. first off i wanted to say that i put alot into this piece and i hope you enjoy reading it as much as i enjoyed writting it. the reason why i choose to write about teen pregancy is because.It is whats effecting us as well as our cournty today. Tenagers (babies) having babies.And I think strongly that someone should stand up and say speak on it.And i would hope that the this script reaches out to alot of homes. But send out a positive message because nothing beats a faluire but a try. and thats not the message im trying to send out but what iam trying to say is it dosent hurt to succeed.

To be honest i wasnt as hard as i thought once i started writting because once i got started it was hard for me to stop. Not because i was enjoying it but simply because i was on a mission. a mission to reach out .And i will never know what its like to be a teenage girl so i went and did something im very good at and that was being noisy. I went out and just looked around and just watch people and their everyday life. And sometimes to get in to character i didnt even have to leave the house to see a mother and daughter realtionship and how they act what i did was i bascially obsereved them. And then i got into character i had to do something that was not really out of my comfort zone. But unusal i had to sometimes go into a teenage girls postion what would i do and how would act. And those were the things i did in order to make my characther more realistic. And not only that peer preasure is for girls as well as boy to so that didnt really give me an advantage it just help me make the character better.

The way i got the name choose your path wisely is simply because noone can decide you future you choose the path you walk.Even if you are pregant that dosent mean your life has ended it might be where it starts. if you have been in jail it isnt the end but maybe just maybe a new beging thats what i want this script to point out. Because alot of those situations can be disloved by walking or way or just saying no. And i wish my brother had said no.

And i would like to say something and show my grattiude towards the following people the frist perosn is God. God without you i wouldnt be here today so i thank you so much and i appericate everything you taught me. we have been through alot but you told me hatered i shall overcome and father i did. Mama you are my heart and soul i will never learn to love a human being as much as i love you. To my great grandma thank you so much for being there for me and holding my hand. dipping me in cold water when i got hot. And that goes for my grandmother vanessa.And as far as my Teacher Mrs. Mckee i want to thank you so much and you are my backbone you are by far a remarkable woman in my eyes. i dont know if she knows or have heard but i will always love you like i love my mother. Not by the way you dress and less homework but as far as your character what im really trying to say is thank you for being there for me as well as the class.


yes i can be a better man not sit down but take a stand- written by: Jerdair

Thank you Obama

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