February 3, 2009
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I was watching TV and they were talking about alcoholics and a specialist came on and said 'when you take your first drink you are an alcoholic'. I asked people I knew that had been to alcohol classes and they said that is what the teacher would say. I decided to do research and the websites I looked on also said that.
Everyone's beliefs are different like mine, I don't belive that and others agree with me but, you can believe what you want.
Being an alcoholic is hard and you think that you can't quit but you can. It messes you up mentally and physically, you need it constantly and may do the lowest thing to get it.
If you quit, that is a great accomplishment. In my case the person I love doesn't want too stop. If you are addicted it may take you while to quit but you can try.
Quitting is a good thing you may succeed at it but always try it may take the pain away for
you but the ones you love are hurting to.
I am sure that I won't become an alcoholic. You also should think about your future and if you want alcohol in it.

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