Getting Caught

February 3, 2009
By Eduardo Majalca BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
Eduardo Majalca BRONZE, Aurora, Colorado
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The day started out as a usually school day of last year when I was a Sophomore at Central High. It seemed like the same old thing, boring and very sunny that day too. The bell rang I went to my second period I was tired droopy like because it was in the morning. The teacher kept mumbling of f about something I think it was our daily schedule. I wasn't really sure or paying attention to her I just dazed off thinking about leaving school with some friends right after second lunch. As I looked outside the day turned from bright sunny to dark gray and gloomy clouds, those are the days that I Liked it's nice and cool especially if it rains I love that. Ding! Ding! Third period same old same old, I was eager to go to lunch and tell my friends about ditching that dull school Friday.
Fourth and fifth period passed by quick for me because I had some friends in there to mess around with, so time flew. Finally it was second lunch, I was scoping around for them didn't find them so I grabbed lunch and went to our table. After about five minutes they came with their lunches and sat down around me. I told five of them and three looked at me like question marks but only two wanted to go, 'so Angel Jesus we'll leave right after this lunch is over through the back doors towards the mobiles so it can look like we're going to class?' They both nodded their heads to me in agreement, we ate our lunch and messed around laughing for the rest of the lunch time. The lunch bell rang we waited for the halls to clear for a bit and we got up and started walking through the halls. Not trying to look suspicious going towards the doors that lead to the mobiles outside.

We looked around for any monitors and dashed across the street before anyone that could have seen us. After running we just relaxed and strolled down the street going towards a gas station. It started raining but refreshing, we met up with other friends on the way and we all needed a place to go there were about seven or eight of us. We had to go quick because it was raining even harder and we were getting soaked, we asked everyone if they had their houses to themselves so we could just chill. But no one had a house so angel suggested that we go into an abandon house around the area near a middle school. All of us started looking for houses that were being sold, we had found a perfect one. But right around the corner of the other street everyone saw him a cop car.

I don't know why Angel started running down the street and like idiots Jesus and I followed, as the other guys did the cop acted swiftly and sped up to the one person in the way back and stopped him. He just shoved him in the back seat of the black and white and it seemed weird to me that the cop just stayed there blocking off the street behind us. Suddenly about three others came out of no where and one under cover they blocked our way out, we were screwed. They all jumped out very quick and one of them yelled 'put your hands on your heads now!' We did as we were told because they all had their tazzer guns out pointing at us and yeah I admit I was afraid of being shocked as were the others. They searched us made us sit on the wet ground and started asking us what the hell we were doing out here Angel, Jesus and I said 'lunch'. They didn't believe us one bit, one of the cops said that they have received a call about some kids trying to break into houses. We haven't even done so, but we lied and said we had lunch and walked down to the gas station to get chips and a drink and walked around to kill time before lunch was over.

After that we told them that the three of us went to Central High School and one of them offered to drop us off but it wasn't really a choice if we wanted to. Angel and I got into the car and Jesus was by himself in another. We got there and the police man walked us to the office to see if what we were saying was true. It wasn't true at all the lady at the desk the lady at the desk told him we needed principal passes to go which we didn't have. Boom that landed us in Saturday school, early Saturday morning came my eyes lazy going towards the building. I was the third one there then after five minutes later Angel came and after he came the teachers closed the door and didn't let anyone else in.

We stayed there for an hour and write a full page of what we did and why, that hour seemed like an eternity. The only thing we regret was getting caught that unfaithful rainy day.

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