January 30, 2009
It?s not that hard to ride a bike. For most people it is very challenging. For me its not challenging at all, but I like to do some dangerous things on the bike as well. I like to BMX. BMX is just riding the bike while doing tricks on the bike. Its seems like it very impossible to do, but for me its not that hard.

I am basically a beginner at it because I just started doing it. I got a pretty good bike as well. You might want to have a light bike or something that is most comfortable for you to use. Most bikes are heavy but that?s all right.

When you are doing tricks on the bike you most likely use your stomach or body and arms most of the time. You need to be pretty strong when doing tricks. You don?t want to be scared when doing tricks or other stuff on a bike. If you are you wont have enough confidence and you will probably fall and hurt yourself.

If you want to BMX it?s a fun hobby. You might want to start out small then work yourself up. The you will be ready to do a bunch of other tricks as well.

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