My Big Win This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   It was the 2000 Allen County Fair, and I wasshowing my hogs. I was ready for showmanship, my favorite event. I was in thefifth class, so when the third was called, I went to my pig and got her up. As Ibrushed her, I heard my name called to come to the ring.

My hog had agreat show, which means she was slow and stayed with me. When the judge calledthe ones he wanted to see again, I was sweating so badly. He called the firstgirl and talked to her. Then he called me, the girl in yellow, to stay. I had abig smile and went back to my hog's pen to wait for them to call my name again. Ithink my animal sensed my nervousness because she was running around her pen. Irealized my dad wasn't there, but my mom told me he was on his way. My name wascalled, and Mom followed me to the show arena, wishing me luck.

As I wentout, I realized there were twice as many people as there had been in my classearlier. My animal had a worse time in the ring this round - all she wanted to dowas run. I kept my I'm-the-best-showman-out-here attitude, and after I had givenup all hope, the judge called me to get penned. I was the sixth and final one tobe called out of 40.

In the pen, the judge asked questions about myanimal. Then he had the competitors switch hogs and change back. I thought Iplaced fifth. He called sixth place, and it wasn't me. He named fifth, and againit wasn't me. Then he named fourth and I was still out there waiting to hear myname. Next the judge started talking about the top three. I looked over and sawmy dad standing on the other side of the ring.

I came out with a thirdplace ribbon. While we were taking my animal back to her pen, my dad said,"You did a great job out there and I am so proud of you." That's when Ifelt like I got first place instead of third.

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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