To Dance is To Live MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

ballet isbut a six-letter word
written in such a lovely, beautiful form
to bring asmile to my lips
and tears into my eyes
despite the aches and pains
todance is all that matters
to soar across the stage
as you would soarthrough clouds in the sky
to feel your body pulling you
desperate to takejust one more step
to leap across the stage
as a feeling oflightheartedness fills your mind
and overwhelms your body
to stretch as faras your mind will let you
to dance across the stage
as quickly andgracefully as you would run through life
with tears of joy and pain
yetalways longing to go on
dreading only the conclusion of a performance
foras you bow down to the audience
and hear cheers and applause
the tears rundown your cheeks
mourning the end of a dance
but dance shall neverend
ballet seeps into my blood
and stays in my body forever
and even asthe curtain is pulled
i feel myself dancing off the stage
though no one isthere to see me
just to take that final step

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i love this so much!


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