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LGBT Equality

November 13, 2015
By maejw BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
maejw BRONZE, Plaquemine, Louisiana
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Members of the LGBT community deserve the same treatment as straight people. They are exactly the same, the only difference is they like people of the same gender as them. They have families, lives, and people who care about them just like everyone else. Do not try to ruin their lives or make fun of them because they are homosexual. They cannot help it, its who they are. They do not bother anyone, joke about straights, or even worry about straights so why do that to them? I chose this topic because I have homosexual family and friends and I get offended and mad when people pick on them because I love them no matter what.

They are ordinary people like straights, like me, like everyone, I honestly do not understand why people try to ruin their lives because of who they choose to be with. They do not pick on anyone for being with their significant other. If people are happy they will let them be happy so why can people not do the same for them? Straights are not doing the right thing by judging them.

Homosexual people deserve to be treated the same and not be told that they can change who they are and change how they are. No, they can not. Thats the way they were born and that is the way they feel comfortable. Homosexual people do not go around and tell straight people “change from straight, become gay.” No, people are comfortable as themselves and homosexuals are comfortable as them so I do not understand why people treat them like they are some kind of creature that has been stepped on. THEY ARE HUMAN BEINGS JUST LIKE EVERYONE! Imagine if a child came to their parents and told them that they were homosexual and people treated him/her like that, that would not be nice of them, would it? Treat others how they deserve to be treated. LGBT members are normal human beings. They breathe like we do, eat like we do, communicate, live, have fun and do everything else we do. They are exactly like us except they date their same gender. When people see lesbians guys think that it is “hot” or “sexy.” No, it’s not. It is two women enjoying each others presence just like we enjoy our significant others presence but when they have two homosexual men walking down the street people want to call them “f******” or “q*****” and that is hurting them. Do not tell someone something that would not be pleasant to be heard.

In conclusion, homosexuals have no reason not to be treated differently. They do not do anything different that any other human being. Every human should deserve to be treated the same. Homosexual people have the same rights as straights so why do people treat them differently? Treat others how they expect to be treated no matter what gender they date.

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