Sick, Twisted Life MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Here today, gone tomorrow
Is how my pathetic lifeseems to work
Growing up in an abusive household
Beatings in the day, Tearsin the night
Eight years later I finally get a break
Soon depression sinksin
I'm fat, I'm ugly, I'm out of control
Being molested and raped two weekslater
I'm only 12 years old; I fall off the edge
Inside locked doors andwindows
Shut off from the outside world
Watching the chaos aroundme
Many pills, many tests, I'm stuck in this hospital
Like a bird set freeagain
A whole new experience, life and home
Happy today, Happytomorrow
I see the lies, I see the fear
I watch my father drowning inalcoholism
Crying again on the inside
I meet new friends and join thecrowd
It starts with pot and alcohol
Proceeding to opium, mushrooms,acid
Speed and cocaine
Numb and happy, Weak and sad
Nights ofparties
Nights of love
A night of fear, rush and panic
Close to death onthe verge of loss
Given a chance I made it through alive
Still smoking potlaced with the unknown
Looking in a mirror
I'm truly sick, counting eachbone in my body
Fifteen years old, five feet three inches tall
At a weightof only 85 pounds
I am sick, I am ugly
I STOP, I'm proud of myself
Myfather is sick
Trying to end his life
In and out of hospitals
The lasthug, kiss and I love you
Shared at the hospital I once attended
Five dayslater in a drunk rage
My father ended his life suddenly
Pulling the triggerto his gun
Taking away his life and pain
Adding more hate, loss and sorrowto mine
Now 17 and a half years old
Dealing with my past, present andfuture
Living my sick twisted life of fate
Fighting for my chance tosurvive
Fighting for my chance to SHINE!

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i love this so much!


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