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   Some people look at computers as just a machine used for basic activities. In reality,a computer is much more. Computers perform tasks, such as mathematicalcalculations or electronic communication, under the control of a set ofinstructions called a program. Computers are used to perform a wide variety ofactivities with reliability, accuracy and speed. They shape people's lifestylesof work and enjoyment.

Looking at the progression of technology, I feelcomputers are by far one of man's greatest achievements. Computers affect justabout every manufactured product, and, in my opinion, are in the same league asthe invention of the steam engine, automobile and airplane. Computers havereduced the time it takes to do almost everything; they can take an excruciatingmathematical equation and solve it in seconds. Thirty years ago an essay likethis one would have to be completely retyped after editing. Now we just make ourcorrections on-screen, store them in the computer's memory and print a cleancopy. I find this technology amazing.

A fascination with computers hasbeen part of me since I was seven years old and had a 486 in our family room. Myfirst experience with a computer was an educational game; I remember playing"Reader Rabbit" and yearning for a high score. I wasn't sure how thegame worked, nor did I care, but with time I became curious about everythinginside that computer. I wanted to take it apart and learn about every component.This is what caused me to become the computer fanatic I am today.

Mostpeople don't build computers as a hobby, but I actually made the computer I amwriting on. The time I spent on the Internet looking for parts didn't seem likework to me. I had a certain amount of money to spend and it was an adventurefinding the lowest prices for the parts. Researching computer components byreading magazines and books gave me good ideas about which were the best topurchase. My computer is my most valued possession.

Computer games havechanged my life for the better. I have found them a pleasant way to relievestress, pass time when I'm bored, and learn in new ways. I view online gaming asa huge sport. There are the better clans (groups of online gamers who play otherclans in matches) in the same way there are teams for a sport. In some waysplaying a game online can be more fun than actually playing a sport. I can'tremember any time when I was yelled at for not doing well in an online game bythe clan leader. Coaches and parents take sports too seriously. The alternativeis playing that online game with the same competitiveness without the yelling andsweating. This is much more enjoyable for me.

Computers let people feelgood about themselves by accomplishing everything from playing a competitive gameagainst a skilled opponent in another country to drawing a picture. They can alsocreate a sense of relaxation while listening to a song on the computer or havinga pleasant conversation on the Internet with a friend.

Computers haveshaped the individual I am today. Computers are, and always will be, the mostfascinating and enjoyable piece of technology I have ever known.

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