Early September Fever MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I must go backto normalcy again, to days without any fear,
To the time before all hellbroke loose, when security was still felt here.
And all I ask is to sitconfident like before,
Although I know that fake confidence could only leadto more.

I must go back to happy mornings again, to nights filled withfun,
To the time when the morning paper was not dreaded, when worries werenear none.
And all I ask is to sit by a TV and watch without a care,
Although I know that it is the Hollywood society that they came out totear.

I must go back to how it was again, to knowing what liesahead,
To the time when my days were predictable, when I knew where life led.
And all I ask is to continue thinking that I'm right,
Although I know myfalse sense of security is something far from bright.

I must go facereality again, to let the crisis sink in,
To a time when victims must bemourned, when comfort is given to their kin.
And all I ask is for our prayersto be answered, God to intervene,
Because I know with His help, in ourfuture, peace will be seen.

We must go forward with our spared livesagain, to live for those who died,
To create a time filled with unity andpick up the pieces of a country that has cried.
And all I ask is that we fightthe terrorism which disregards all human life,
Because I know the world isyearning for a place void of murder and strife.

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i love this so much!


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