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January 23, 2009
By Rachelle Acoba, Kent, WA

If you knew me, you would know that I am a very competitive person. Not only do I believe that everybody should be able to chase their dreams but, can be successful in doing so. If you have passion, motivation and determination then I believe you will positively make it to where you want to be.

My life is like a rollercoaster in a sense that I always like to do my best in whatever situation. It sometimes doesn’t work the way I want it to. One specific moment that I can recall would be when I joined the dance team last year. That year would have been the first year ever being apart of a school team. I was nervous yet excited. I knew that I was going to be doing some “technique” which was ballet but, I was not ready for that. I had no personal or formal training like everybody else did. I never was taught the art of ballet, so I was thinking that next to these girls I would look unethical and an amateur.

Before I joined the team, I’d been dancing my whole life, mainly hip-hop. Hip-hop to me was just so free and I felt like there were absolutely no limits for myself. But now that I had to work with others in dancing, it would be a challenge. It was clear I needed to do my best at try-outs because considering that I didn’t know who anybody was I had to show the judges and coaches that I stood out from everybody else.

After everyday of try-outs, my whole body shook uncontrollably. I have never danced with a professional and since the coach/choreographer had, I was pressured to please her.

I can recall that when I was younger, I started to dance before I started to walk. I have loved to move to the rhythm of music and finally, it was something I could do without restrictions. Then I thought to myself that I have been auditioning for all of my life and nobody can judge me because I know that I have the heart and drive to have what it takes to be on top.

So after auditions, I was informed that I successfully made the dance team and throughout the year, I was proud to call myself a Falcon Flame and out team’s number one hip-hop dancer. Our season was amazing. The returners told us that “we’ve never came this close to state” and I must admit, it was like music to my ears. At each competition, schools from all over Washington, Vancouver and Canada were excited to watch us dance. We even had a fan club! Although, we danced blood, sweat and tears for those long hours every week, I knew that they were definitely worth it. Placing third in state, on average for three categories, was an amazing accomplishment!

In life, sooner or later, you have to break out and do something you love, something that you are so passionate about. Drive and determination is how you get through life. It’s okay to believe in something.

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