January 22, 2009
By Destinee Surber, Aurora, CO

You do it and I do it, in fact everyone does it can you guess what it is? We exclude others in halls in school; at lunch at can happen anywhere or everywhere. We leave others who sit alone and don’t have friends out and we don’t include them. They are the weird new kid or the nerd in science or math, their the ones we pick on or make fun of because of their appearances or cloths. This topic vexes me because it’s deadly, of its definition and a past.
Exclusion, Exclusion, Exclusion, is the word that vexes me the most. In the dictionary the definition is the act or an instance of excluding. Pretty bad definition I say. My definition is leaving out or pushing away. Right now as you read this you are a exclusionist, someone who promotes exclusion even if you don’t know it. You, me, everyone we all are exclusionist. You know what exclusion means to me. But what is your definition? What are your feelings about the word? Do you hear what I’m trying so hard to tell you?

Picture it, you’re walking through a hall and you see large groups lining them, groups you may not be in. face it you have been excluded. But it’s not that bad yet it could be deadly and yes it’s possible. Out of a whole or lets say 50 of excluded kids about 20 will attempt suicide to end their “misery,” and maybe 5 or 6 will live. The kids that died they did not realize what their future could end up like. Our lives may be peachy and perfect leaving them out but think of their families and think how emotional it must be being excluded from others, how peachy are you now? Huh!!!

Believe it or not just a few months ago I was excluded for a while. It may have been partly my fault for not putting myself out there (but that is there faults all in all most likely. It is wrong to push them away but you know that just pushes them away even farther. Not to mention it lowers there self esteem and let me tell you that is hard to build up and get back. So when you see this please try to help some.
At times sure we all feel that were the excluded ones, but it is not us it is them who suffer it’s them not us. As some advise talk to a few of the excluded kids for a day it won’t kill you. Show them what they would miss in if they died. Make them feel included and happy. Help. Be nice. Care. These are the three tools that you need to succeed in this subject. Together we can stop this in its tracks. Together we can save 1,000,000 lives. Together we will succeed. Help save those boys and girls who sit alone or don’t talk a little or never. Together we are stronger to help fight this cause and together we can abolish it. Together we can end this, help.

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