The Fast of Ramadan This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine.

   When Ramadan approaches, my entire family bustles in preparation. This is by far themost anticipated time of year for us, and all Muslims. Some people are astonishedthat I can manage the whole day (while the sun is up) without eating or drinkinganything. They're definitely not envious that I have to get up before dawn to eatsomething every day for a month! This year Ramadan started on November6.

While I tend to be groggy at four o'clock in the morning and it takesme a while to make it safely to the kitchen with one eye open, it's something Ienjoy. It's a break from the norm, a reminder of my mortality. When we don't eat,we have more time to think about the important things in life. Suddenly, there'splenty of time for prayer, and more will to worship. Fasting also makes us moresympathetic toward the less fortunate and reminds us that there are people in theworld who go hungry not by choice. It's also a type of training. If, God forbid,we ever had to go hungry, we'd be able to withstand it.

The mostenjoyable part of Ramadan for me is the breaking of the fast. Not only because Ifinally get to scarf something down, but because everyone gathers in one room andwaits for the signal. I always help my mom prepare the little feast. We makefruit salad, milkshakes, rice and other tasty treats that don't last fiveminutes. After the sun goes down, we all sit in the living room and praise theLord that we finally ate something!

On weekends, we usually invite friendsto come break the fast with us, or go to someone else's house and have dinner.Everyone gets dressed up, prays together, catches up, and has a great time.

When Ramadan ends, it takes time to get used to eating again. For acouple of weeks I pause before putting anything in my mouth, trying to rememberwhether or not I'm fasting, but soon that disappears. The rest of the year isspent waiting to do it all over again!

This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. This piece has been published in Teen Ink’s monthly print magazine.

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