My First Talent Show

January 28, 2009
By Kwan You Park BRONZE, Fukuoka-shi, Other
Kwan You Park BRONZE, Fukuoka-shi, Other
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My first Talent Show

When I was in kindergarten, I didn't really understand what kind of school F.I.S was. Now that I have been attending the school for eight years, I feel like I have some idea about what F.I.S. is like, but when I was in kindergarten, I have no idea since it was still my first year. I think that it is quite usual for students to get nervous when they first come to school because they aren't sure what the school is like. I was no different, and I had to ask my friends about F.I.S.'s special celebrations, like Halloween and Spring Festival.
One day, all the F.I.S students were hyper and energetic. I didn't know what was going on, so I asked Eitaro, my friend in kindergarten, about it. Then Eitaro told me about the 'Talent Show', where students do anything they want to such as singing and dancing. I thought that I wanted to do something at this Talent Show, so that night I talked with my family about it. Then my brother told me that he would decide a song for me to sing at the Talent Show. I felt happy when my brother said that to me and my mother agreed with our decision. That song was by the 'Backstreet Boys' (I forget the name of the song).
The next day, Mrs. Dangler, my teacher in kindergarten, asked us to put up our hand if we wanted to do something at Talent Show. I joyfully put my hand up, but when I saw everyone else, I was surprised because other than me, only Huey, another boy in my kindergarten class, and Anzu, a girl classmate, put up their hands. I thought students in kindergarten were stupid because I thought it would be a really fun celebration but only three people were putting up their hand. So I asked everyone, 'Why aren't you guys doing anything for the Talent Show?' Then everyone said that they were too shy to perform in it. I couldn't understand this.
I practiced my song so many times with my brother. Then the day came. When I looked at the order, I saw that I was the last person. I got a little bit nervous when I found this out. The first person was Huey. He sang a song from Shrek. The next performer was Anzu. She was planning to play violin, but she got too nervous, and, finally, she started crying so she canceled her performance. I couldn't believe that she got that nervous. Then finally, it was my turn. When I got up on the stage, everyone's eyes were looking just at me: students, parents, even the teachers were looking at me. I got very nervous and my feet started to shake. Also, my mouth got very dry. However, something happened in my head, and I saw a scene of myself practicing with my brother for the talent show. Then I thought that I'd be fine. I didn't have anything to worry about. All I had to do was sing. Then I started singing. First it was fine and everything was good. However, one student said 'He is boring,' and everyone started to say, 'I'm bored'. My stress increased 100% and I yelled at the students and my show got messed up. I became very embarrassed after the show, but this mistake was good for me because from this mistake, I learned that if anyone says something negative to me while I'm performing, I just have to continue concentrating on my show.

The author's comments:
Don't Give Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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