My Past

January 28, 2009
By Anonymous

What! Another low score on a quiz! I was concerned that I was going to get punished by my teacher, Mrs.Greenwood, my first grade teacher who was very strict and scary-who also had never shown so much as a smile at me. I hated her from the first day, and she hated me too. Everyday was boring: Mrs.Greenwood made us do lots of tests and based on those, I was a loser in everyone's eye and also in my own heart. My best friend, who I knew from when we were three years old, always cheered me on. She also supported me with help by telling me what I should do to get better. I sometimes also asked her to listen to my worries. I thought she was so lucky because she was very smart and nice. But at the same time she was kind of the same as me because we didn't have friends-until we met each other. For me it felt like she was my big sister. Also she lived three floors, above me, where I lived on the tenth floor and she lived on the thirteenth. She was a very funny girl and also was the most unusual person I had never met. We played together almost everyday after school.
The problem with me was that I had a very low grade and had lots of tardies .
It was the end of the trimester for first grade. After school my mother and I were called into a room where Mrs.Greenwood and Mr.Cluff, the headmaster, were sitting on chairs, waiting silently for me. My heart was filled with fear. I thought I was going to pee my pants! They and my mother talked. I looked down the whole time, too scared to look and hear. I felt sorry for my mother 'my mother who was recently divorced and paying all this tnition money. I didn't know what to say or do. Then a sentence popped into my ear interrupting my thoughts. Mr.Cluff said that I should do first grade again.
When the new year came, everyone from my class was waiting to go to their new class upstairs. I, however, sadly went to the office with my mother, who looked at me sorrofuly. When we got to the office and asked where my class was, my mother smiled at me and reassured me that it will be ok.
I didn't feel any better and was afraid that everyone would laugh and make fun of me. We got to the class. I slowly went in, feeling nervous. Then a woman saw me and welcomed me warmly. The woman's name was Ms.Walcott, she looked very nice, and also was my new homeroom teacher. Everyone else was there. They looked at me with curiosity because I was supposed to be in second grade. When I sat down on the chair we began to introduce ourselves.
Time passed by and at recess time, I looked for my best friend, and she was waiting for me. She asked me lots of questions, mostly why I was in first grade and not in second. School ended early since it was a half 'day; I went back home with my younger sister.
Weeks passed and I got used to my new class. Also it was fun when we made things and cooked, also it was my first time to think that learning was fun which I never thought and nor did I do these things in Mrs.Greenwood's class.
At the end of my second-first grade, I still felt a little strange being in a different class, I thought it was a better idea to do first grade two times because I learned that it was my own responsibility to do my learning, not my mother's, nor friend's, nor teacher's. Before, when I was going to repeat first grade, I thought that it would be easy enough for me to know all the things because I already completed that grade, I noticed that I was wrong about. Even though I learned things already, if you repeat it, you will find a another discovery that you might not have found out. But after I repeated, I learned not only about responsibility but the importance of, friendship and how to get ready for a quiz or test. Now I think that it was a good experience in my life-it changed my path to one of supporting myself to do things that I had never tried to do before.

The author's comments:
This is a story that changed my school life.

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