California to...?

January 27, 2009
By Vivian BRONZE, Paramount, California
Vivian BRONZE, Paramount, California
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I'll miss the moody weather. I'll miss my school. I'll miss my friends. I'll miss the going to the beach whenever I want. I'll miss my California. I'll miss my old life.

It started out like any other normal day. School. Classes. Teachers. Friends. Water polo practice. It was about 6 o'clock, I was opening my sister's car door, she was talking on the phone
''can't move, I'm about to start nursing school', I froze What is she talking about?!
I listened quietly but I could only hear my sisters, Yunice's part of the conversation. Somewhere in the middle of the conversation I figured out Yunice was talking to my dad.

When she finally hung up the phone I was half expecting her to explain everything but like always I had to drag it out of her.
'What were you guys talking about?' I was trying to sound like it didn't matter, but my actions contradicted my voice. I leaned into her so I wouldn't miss a word she said. She hesitated before answering, she probably wasn't sure if she should tell me.

''you know how the economy is bad right now''I nodded ''well dads department at work is shutting down, for sure''

'When?' I said with a small voice

'They just don't know when, but dad said there going to transfer people to other states and you guys are most likely going to move this year or next year'
'Aren't you coming with us?'
'No, I'm going to stay here to start school'' If this was a cartoon a light bulb would have lit up, on the top of my head. ''and I'll doubt he'll let you live with me'
The light bulb would have bursted into flames and fell to the ground with my hope of staying. The rest of the car ride was like any other day quiet and we talked about our day. When we got home I went straight to my iPod and found my favorite band Alesana and cracked it up so high the sound of a rocket ship launching wouldn't disturb me. I laid on my bed and started thinking about the pros and cons of moving, but if I was being honest with myself I was thinking about how I could stay here in California.
A Pro was a new house. A Con, a new house. A Pro was a new town. A Con, a new town. A Pro was'A Con was a new school and new people, which is every timid person's worst dream and truly this was a nightmare. I'm horrible around new people. I thought about the Pros and Cons until I fell asleep, I still don't want to move but I guess I have about a year now to get use to the idea. It probably would was helped if the Cons didn't out weigh the Pros by a ton.
I'll miss everything about Southern California and if you get a new kid in your high school in about a year, make sure your nice to her because she's probably still getting use to the idea of moving away from a place she knew since she was about five.

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