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The Bond

September 4, 2015
By Beauty2343 BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
Beauty2343 BRONZE, Cathedral City, California
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Kathy walked in her house, she closed her brown door behind her. She sighed as she leaned against the wall, her long blue sparkly dress sparkled as the lights hit it. "What a long day!" she sighed again. Kathy walked past her daughter's room, as if nothing was there.

Kathy walked in the kitchen, she noticed a chocolate cake sitting on the counter top. She curiously walked over to the cake. "What is this." she thought as slid her finger on the white frosting. She licked her finger, and gave a smile. "This is pretty good." she thought. Kathy heard a door open. She quickly walked out of the kitchen. She walked into the living room, and saw her daughter standing next to her door with her head down, her long red hair flowed down with her. She wore a pink nightgown that reached her knees.

"Scarlet, why are you up? Its 11:30pm" Kathy exclaimed. "Did you like the cake?" Scarlet asked with a small voice. "Did you make it?" her mom asked in surprise. "Ye..yes." Scarlet stuttered. "You know that you can't bake without an adult supervision, why did you bake it?" Kathy asked as she looked at her daughter. "Where you at a party?" Scarlet asked in a small voice. "Answer Me! Why did you bake the cake, and LIFT YOUR HEAD UP." Scarlet's mother yelled. Scarlet flinched "Where you at a party?" Scarlet asked again making her mother frustrated. "WHY DID YOU BAKE THE CAKE?" Kathy yelled making her daughter flinch again. Scarlet lifted her head showing her red puffy eyes fill with tears. Kathy looked at her with no emotion. "Its my birthday." Scarlet said. "You always leave me, you never have time for me." Scarlet voice cracked. "That is not true! Stop making stuff up." Kathy said frustrated. "IT IS!, you never acted like a mom, you always went to parties, and hung out with your friends, and get drunk." Scarlet explained as tears ran down her eyes. "I DO NOT!, I work hard everyday to get you clothes, to put food on the table, to pay for the house." Kathy yelled. "You'll then leave me ,and head out to party, Dad was the only person who ever took care of me, who ever cooked for me, know since he is not here anymore you ignore me even more!" Scarlet cried. Kathy had just had enough of her daughter, she walked over to her daughter with anger controlling her. She hit her daughter on the arm. "Don't you ever talk bad about your mom, GO TO YOUR ROOM." Kathy commanded. Scarlet stood quiet as she put a hand on her arm where her mother had hit her. Scarlet obeyed her mother's command and walked to her room.

Kathy walked to her room with anger still controlling her. She jumped on her bed, and screamed in her pillow letting all her anger out. She laid her face on the pillow for a moment. She turned her head "It's not ture, I'm not a bad mother, am I?" Kathy asked herself. She stood up, and went to her drawer. She opened up her drawer and pulled out her Pjs, which was a white tank top, and blue sleeping shorts. She took off her party dress, and put on her Pjs. She walked back to bed, and fell into a deep sleep.

Kathy woke up in the middle of the night by strange noises. She stood up and rubbed her eyes. Her vision was still a bit blurry, but she could see a white figure next to her bed. She blinked her eyes a few times. She noticed that white figure was still there. "Who..Who are you?" she stuttered. The white figure turned around, to look at Kathy. Kathy noticed that it was a person with large white wings. The person lifted up his large wings. "Come with me." he said as he held out his hand. Kathy felt safe in his presence she hesitated, but took his hand.
The room spun, and Kathy wasn't in her room. She looked around and it was morning. Kathy looked at the person. "Who are you?" she asked "I'm an angel, and i was sent to deliver a message to you." the angel said as he looked at her. "What is the message?" Kathy asked. "You will see soon enough, right now we are in your daughter's office." he said in a calm voice. Kathy saw a woman with red hair tied in a bun come in the office, she wore a blue suit with black glasses. She walked passed them "Why can't she see us?" Kathy asked "We are in the future, and this is your daughter." The angel replied. "The future." Kathy repeated. She looked at her daughter "She's beautiful." kathy said. A boy with dirty blonde hair came in. "You ready?" he asked with a smile. "Yeah, lets go." Scarlet smiled back at the boy as they both walked out the office holding hands. "Who was that?" Kathy asked "That's Ben, her childhood friend, he was the only one who helped her get through her problems." The angel explained. "Why didn't she come to me?" Kathy asked as she turned to look at the angel."Becuase ever since that day you two had fought, you ignored her, and she had to grow up by herself." he explained.

The angel nodded, the room spun again, and you two ended up back at the house. Kathy gaze focused at an old women sitting alone on the couch. "Who is that?" Kathy asked "Thats you." The angel replied. "But, why am i alone?" Kathy asked as she felt tears form in her eyes. "You and your daughter grew apart, and since your daughter is 26 she has her own life now." The angel turned to look at Kathy, tears where falling down. "I lost, my own daughter." Kathy fell down on her knees.

The angel crouched down next to Kathy. He gave her a smile "You can still change." He said as he put a hand on her hand. "I do want to change, i want my daughter back." Kathy cried. "Your now a changed woman." he whispered to her ear.

The birds chirped as Kathy woke up. She stood up, and found herself in her bed, she yawned as she looked around. She looked at her phone, and saw that it was 7:30am. She stood up, and ran into the kitchen. She saw her 12 year old daughter making eggs. "Mom.." Scarlet said as she looked at mom. Kathy eyes filled with tears, as she ran to hug her daughter. "I'm sorry." she said as she hugged her daughter. Tears filled Scarlets eyes. "Mom." she said. They both hugged each other. "I'll will never leave you again." Kathy explained as she hugged her daughter tighter. They both looked at each other, and wiped each others tears away. "Now let's eat breakfast." Kathy said as she put the eggs in a plate. They both ate breakfast together as a real family. From heaven Kathy's husband, and Scarlett's father was smiling down on both of them.

The author's comments:

I don't know what inspired me to write this. I have a big imagination, and this story just popped in my head. I hope you enjoy! :)

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