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   What do I want to do with my life? Iwas in that phase most teens go through at some point, and I was worried I wouldnever figure out the answer. Do I want to pursue a music career? What about beinga fashion consultant, or a doctor? Last summer, I finally found the answer. Ormaybe I should say, the answer found me.

When I arrived at my uncle'shouse one day, he had a present for me and brought out a skinny rectangular box.I lifted the lid and went into total shock. There, in front of my eyes, was a redYamaha electric violin! I did not know what to say. I did not think anythingcould make me more excited until my uncle left for a minute and came back with aCrate amplifier. I was lightheaded. I had always wanted an electric violin, butnever imagined I'd actually have one. Owning an electric violin has changed mylife.

Playing the electric violin made me see the other side of music: thewild side. I was classically trained for nine years, but never really liked thatmusic. I found it boring, all sounding the same to me. When I started playing theelectric violin on a regular basis, I found other kinds of music includingfiddling and jazz. The first time I went shopping for supplies, I talked topeople who played in bands and was offered jobs. I did not feel I was ready, so Iturned them down, but it showed me that playing the electric violin can bringmany opportunities. I was also asked to do some recording with a band, which wasa great experience. Since then, I have performed many more gigs.

Music hasalways been a big part of my life. I take private lessons and play in manyorchestras and ensembles, and I also teach acoustic violin. Playing the electricviolin, though, I have realized that this is what I want to do with my life -major in music and play in a band. Since I started playing the electric violin Inot only have learned a lot, but I have also had a lot more fun playing musicthan I used to.

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