Live better, Wal Mart

January 22, 2009
By Anonymous

Target and Wal Mart, two of the biggest stores ever. Two of the biggest competitors in the industry for years. Many people have came up with the question in their mind, which store is better? Well, when it comes to everything, Wal Mart beats Target.
Wal Mart is a very clean and organized store. Customers sometimes in many other stores have to run through lots of isles until they can actually find what they are actually looking for. Wal Mart is one of the most organizes stores around with everything always in the right place. They always have everything in stock and there is never anything missing. Wal Mart has also been very famous for their terrific prices compared to other shopping stores. Most of the Wal Mart shopping stores now have a food department and a great selection of Wal Mart brand food with a price nobody can beat!
Technology is advancing everyday and Wal Mart has kept up more than anybody else with their brand new online shopping service! Customers can look up anything on the Wal Mart web site and have their merchandise sent right to them. Customers as well can order items for customers on the other side of the country and have it specially ordered to them where they can just go to a Wal Mart store near them and go to customer service and pick it up, how useful is that?
Wal Mart is opened 24 hours a day seven days a week and is closed for only one day during the year, Christmas. Many other stores are only open during certain times and many times closed on certain holidays that you as a customer would never ever expect a store to be closed on. Sometimes it can be such a hassle to get to a store at night when you really need to get an item and it ends up being closed, not Wal Mart!
Many choose Wal Mart over other stores because it is not just a regular store, they have other parts that fit customer’s other wants and needs. Wal Mart has an eye care center where customers can go to have their eyes checked or purchase contacts. Some Wal Marts can even give customers laser eye surgery! They also have pharmacies where customers can go to pick certain medicine or medication that they ordered just for themselves. For many years now, Wal Mart stores have had automotive shops where customers can go to have their tires fixed or even changed. They also provide oil changes and employees who can check on a customer’s car to see if anything is wrong with it.
Wal Mart stores now have larger hardware departments. Even the food departments are increasing all the time giving more selections on certain foods than an actual grocery store! Customers can even cash payroll and income tax return checks making it a lot easier for customers instead of having to go to another place where it may take forever to get it done.
Some of their stores have been turned into two story super centers, giving the company of Wal Mart an even bigger lead in the industry.
Even until this day since the company was first born, Wal Mart has served more than 100 million customers weekly in 14 different markets worldwide such as Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Japan, Mexico, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, The United Kingdom and finally The United States. They even have employed over 2 million associates.
Wal Mart is one of the stores that gives back as well. Responding to an unprecedented crisis in Ohio’s emergency food network and recognizing the struggle of Ohio families to pay their utility bills this winter, the Wal-Mart Foundation today announced a $300,000 grant to the Ohio Association of Second Harvest Foodbanks, how awesome is that!? “In these difficult times, the work that we do to support the communities we serve is more important than ever,” said Margaret McKenna, president of the Wal-Mart Foundation. “And to reinforce our commitment to support organizations that create opportunities for individuals and families to live better, we plan to increase our charitable giving in 2009.”
This is what makes any store a better store. Remember, live better, Wal Mart.

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