January 26, 2009
As I looked around my living room; everything reminded me of snow: the white couch, the white walls, the white ceiling, the white shades on the windows and, especially, the poem about winter which I had writtin in 4th grade:
Winter for you is white,
Winter for me is green,
I envy the cold,
As you envy the warmth.

I thought back to the time when winter was white for me, it was a long time ago: 3rd grade.

I remembered the feeling of the snowflakes on my lashes, making it look like I was crying as they melted. Building snowmen with my older brother while he threw snow balls at me; I cried and went inside to tattle on him, but I secretly enjoyed that he was paying attention to me; for he never did.

I remembered going ice-skating over at my friend Emma's house. We used to always fall through because it wasn't fully frozen. The feel of the cold, wet snow against my cheek as I layed in the middle of my yard and slept while a flurry of snowflakes rushed by my head. The feeling of waking up on the couch safely-and warmly-tucked beneath a blanket. Seeing my mom walk in and smile when she saw that I was awake. Her cold hand as it layed across my forehead to see if i had a temperature. The warmth of the mug of hot chocolate as my tiny hands curled around it, not bothering to use the handle.

I remembered all of this and suddenly started to cry. It was all so different before everything went wrong.

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writer24/7/365 said...
Sept. 8, 2009 at 3:36 pm
this is so good. you could continue it into a bigger story & it would be awesome.
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