LaDianian Tomlinson

January 25, 2009
By joshua butler, Aurora, CO

LaDainian Tomlinson is one of my favorite football players in the world. He is one of the greatest that has ever played. LaDianian Tomlinson was born on June 23, 1979 in Rosebud Texas, near the towns of Waco and college station. His parents, named Loreane and Oliver, weren't exactly what you would call a perfect couple. L.T's dad was 15 years older that Loreane. LaDainian had a tough time growing up. One of LaDainian brothers lost his life in a street fight, another spent time in jail. L.T's Dad built mobile home for a living until he suffered a back injury that disabled him for good. His parents divorced and his dad groped out of sight and he stop paying child support. At this time they lived in Waco TX, where Loreane served as a pastor at the Greater Life Gospel Church. LaDainian 's most cherished memories of his father were the love they shared for football. The two sat down mostly every Sunday in the fall and winter to watch there favorite team, The Dallas cowboys. If Oliver had to leave the room for a minute of so or so, he knew he would get full play-by-play when he returned. LaDainian had a computer chip for a brain when it came to the sport he loves. By the age of three, he could recite to his dad in great detail any action he may haved missed. Football was such an important part of LaDainian's life that he slept with a football every night. LaDainian found a role model when watching TV's Emmitt Smith. He went to Waco Texas High school hoping to win a scholarship to college. As a sophomore, he had a nice year as linebacker for coach Leroy Coleman. While he played linebacker for his sophomore year, he wanted to be a running back. He had to prove to his coach that he was a running back and he did. As LaDainian eagerly waited for his senior year to play tailback, something bad happened. His mom got a job at real estate agency in Dallas! LaDainian begged his mom to let him stay with his friend Jason and she said ... Yes. By mid-season, having already surpassed 1,000 yards, LaDainian was the lead story for local writers and sportscasters. LaDainian got stronger as the season progressed. In one year he ran for 2,554 yards and 39 touchdowns, which led University High to win a state championship game. With a recored of 12-2-1, the school enjoyed its best year ever. LaDainian was named the district 25-4A Most Valuable player and Super Centex Offensive player of the year. He knew since he only played one year in high school he wouldn't get many scholarship offers. He had a good list in front of him:Baylor, North Texas, UTEP, Kansas State and Texas Christian. TCU (Texas Christian) was the college he was interested him the most. During his first season he was good, but their team went 1-10. In his second year, he finished with a recored of 7-5. He finished the season of with 717 yards and eight touchdowns, and was voted second team ALL-WAC. In a game against Arkansas he ran for 269 yards. Two weeks later, he improved that total with 300 yards on 23 carries against San Jose State. Going into the season , two running backs were at the top of the draft list for the NFL: Alabama's Shaun Alexander and LaDainian. Pro scouts now took a closer look at LaDainian. In his junior year he raised his team up to a 8-4 record , the best record in 40 years. To gain the attention of the Heisman voters in 2000, LaDainian figured he needed to go over 2000 yards for the season. For some runners, this plateau might have seemed like an impossible goal, but with TCU's mammoth offensive line it wasn't a stretch for LaDainian. Later on LaDainian got drafted to the pros. He was first round draft pick by San Diego Chargers, and he was number 5. LaDainian went on to be one of the greatest football players ever and still is today.

LaDainian Tomlinson is someone whom I admire as a football player and I consider one of the best in the world. LT inn my opinion is one of the greatest running backs there will ever be. When I grow up I want to be just like LaDainian. There will be nobody like him

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