Hard Work Pays Off

January 24, 2009
By GymAGC1stplace BRONZE, Puyallup, Washington
GymAGC1stplace BRONZE, Puyallup, Washington
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Bars is one of my best events. I have always found it easy. The score of 9.05 didn't suprise me since I had a start vale of 9.5. I think this meet is going to be good.

Next is beam. I warm up and show the judges what I can do. Suddenly, the bright red numbers show on the screen for beam. That score suprised me. 7.775 was one of the lowest out of my team, yet I have one of the better routines. I might of wobbled in a couple of places, but I didn't think it was that bad!!

I chalk it up for experience and move on.

I'm on floor next. I warm up while watching my form; pointed toes, straight legs, pretty fingers. I'm excited now. I get to show these judges my routine, which is a remix of Carly Patterson's music! I perform my skills as practiced. My score flashes; 8.625. Yikes!! If I want a 35 or higher for my all-around, I better work harder!

The last event of the day was vault, which is one of the easier events. As I get warmed up, I notice that my vaults look really good. I salute to the judges. I step on that runway and my personality changes from that gentle little girl to a large, aggresive beast. I sprint full power towards the vault. The spring-board gives me some flight and I focus on my shape. I land on the mat with a tap. 1-2-3 steps. that could be 6 tenth deduction!! I see my score and gasp. 9.225.

I walk to awards grinning. That was the highest vault score I had ever got. The age groups before me pass quickly; most of my teammates won 1st.
My age group is up. Floor is the first group. All the places pass. I didn't place in that group. Next is vault. I might have placed. 3rd place: 9.2. I smile and lean down and get ready to go up. 2nd place!! I was SO HAPPY!!!

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I really enjoy writing about things I love to do(like gymnastics). Please comment on my work!! Thank You!!!!

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