my life

January 24, 2009
By Marissa Cabrera, LAKE ELSINORE, CA

I kick to start it I’m all pumped up this is my life ready or not
As I hit the gas there is no looking back this is my life and that’s a fact
I get big air and finish with a fall I get back up like it was nothing at all
The wind blowing in my face, time flying by so fast I love this place
This is my life like it or not so don’t mess it up its all I got
I’ll take the lead I’m never last but winning isn’t everything just riding is a blast
I’ll never give up no matter what broken, bruised, or hurt ill still be on dirt
It will always be my life so deal with it. and don’t worry about who I want to be who I will be or who I am cause I am ME…..

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