The Race

January 24, 2009
By amykennah SILVER, Shelbyville, Illinois
amykennah SILVER, Shelbyville, Illinois
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I turn into the last 300 meters, people are all around the path yelling and screaming, but I can’t hear them. Everyone is staring at me like I am someone famous. Pain is running through my body faster than I can actually run. I speed up. The finish line looks like it is moving away from me. Dizziness swoops me off my feet. I feel like a heater, I swear there has to be heat radiating of me. My heart is beating in my head, feeling like it could explode any second. Thump, Thump. Thump, thump. It’s all I can her. Everything is spinning around me. Footsteps, how can I hear footsteps? I’m not around anyone else running. Everyone in front was way ahead and everyone in back was way behind. I look back. Some one is catching up.

I Sprint.

Fight through the pain. I’m almost there. The finish line is so close, so unreal. I can’t let her pass me. She’s so close to me. I can’t do this anymore. I need to stop! My lungs are screaming for air, for some reason I was holding my breath. She’s going to beat me. No! She can’t. It’s for the team. I beat her this far I can beat her in the long run, literally. All my thoughts are spinning in my head. For what seemed like minutes went by but were actually seconds.

Finally, everything went black…

I beat her, making it across the finish line in 20:19. Yes, I did it.

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