January 23, 2009
By andre'a bryant, Cincinnati, OH

I sit here and i am so confused. I feel like my life is a immediasres.Like i have no beginning i just start in the middle of life and have to squander to find the ending.I listen to all the noise and the sound and i notice that through all of it,silence was the loudest no matter how hard the world yelled at me.I ignored the sounds for so long thinking god could just get me by.I had to realise god guides you,you just have to follow and go the route he takes you.I understood finally,I really had god by my side but I was looking to the wrong side that he was standing on and thought he was hiding but, my eyes were the ones decieving me.I envy being blind because if I was maybe I could hear it talking to me,feel it touching me,and understand where its taking me.The people we call disabled are the ones with the most advantage because they're blessed with being different and understanding life a little better than us,the ones we call normal.I love life but the question is do I love life enough to have to work to be alive?If people hate pain so much than why do they fear death when death can end it?life is a gift like anything else than why can't we charish it instead of using it as a burden?life....

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