Your leaving?

January 22, 2009
By Erika Graves, Aurora, CO

Now a days, men and women are giving up on what they used to hold deep. Marriage or now known as the pathway to divorce. Do you not realize how much this would hurt your only child, the wife you once held dear to your heart but now ditched for a younger fresher looking girl? But let’s not forget your favorite subject, money. This problem is now covering 50% of marriages. We are predicting that probably 40-50% of marriages will fail if this trend continues. That’s half of American’s giving up and not even trying. Hurting everyone they hold dear to them and not caring for or about anyone but themselves. As if entering a new world, middle school isn’t hard enough, now you got to pack up your things and go to a hotel. Rather then staying at a nice home with your loved ones?

My first year in middle school and I come back one day and you lay a bombshell on me. My world is turned upside-down. You announce that you left, and are never coming back. Tears run down my face like a waterfall, but at the same time a volcano of anger is burning at my insides. Thoughts of what you had said, your vows which clearly said that you would stay with her in sickness or in health, till death do us part, her beautiful ring you gave her to show her your love. Bur did you keep any of those things, no! You gave up and left. I mean dad, did you not walk down the isle and say “till death do us part”, I haven’t seen the death of my mom yet so you have no right to get up and leave like the way you did. You said you fell out of love. That is the worst excuse. Sure maybe you feel better because now you are “free” with a new younger looking girl, but have you ever looked back? Seen what we have been going through? Your wife, who you promised to stay with, is now abandoned and left alone!

Why would you do this to us? I thought you loved us and wanted best for us. What happened to you are my most important girl, I love you, and you will always be mine? You always told me to stick with what you decided, and to honor your commitments, I guess the other term practice what you preach also comes in handy here huh? There are times I just wish you could really just be there but then I would wonder, are you doing this for me, or just to keep my big mouth shut? But now I try to keep the one thing that I have had my whole life and really want to keep, my beautiful house. But now you have to leave and take all your precious money with you making us wondering if we can keep the place or not. So, you take away my life, my happy go lucky spirit, and now you want to keep the one thing that is actually normal to me? I have to fight for the last thing I have, for the one thing I really love and am used to because this whole “divorce” thing, ya I’m not used to it yet but hey might as well take everything huh.

So if it where up to me to really say, I don’t think this man was ever really ready to be a husband, or a father. Just a man. A man who really needed to get a hold of himself and know what he really wants so he doesn’t hurt anyone, ever again.

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Mommy said...
on Apr. 2 2009 at 9:50 pm
Erika............. we both love you sooooo much and are soooo sorry we didn't do the right things years ago......

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